SV Commercial Partners, LLC is located in southeast Denver and focuses on commercial real estate. SV Commercial's core business is working with financial institutions holding under-performing loans backed by commercial real estate in U.S. markets. SV Commercial is affiliated with SV Capital Partners, LLC (, which focuses on resort, retail and residential properties in North America, the Caribbean and Europe. SV Commercial has combined its experience in the commercial real estate market with SV Capital's significant network of international resources to provide a full spectrum of services. Together, SV Commercial and SV Capital represent a highly focused, entrepreneurial commercial real estate consulting, loan work-out, loan acquisition and asset management organization.

Brian Cuje of SV Commercial Partners has a long track record of successfully working with lenders to take control of failed projects and implement asset management strategies to re-habilitate, re-tenant, and re-position assets. The financial organizations with whom we have acted as receiver, asset manager, property manager or loan purchaser include: Travelers, Metropolitan Life, American Saving and Loan, Pacific Mutual Insurance, Bank of America, Chase Bank, JP Morgan, Coast Savings and Loan, Downy Savings and Loan, Comerica Bank, GE Credit, Wells Fargo Bank, the RTC and the FDIC.

Brian has more than 25 years experience in commercial real estate. Brian has been responsible for the receivership, loan acquisition, asset management and renovation of income properties exceeding $500 million in value. A representative list of current and prior projects is summarized on the following pages.

Brian Cuje and key staff members comprise a management team of real estate professionals with proven skills in all facets of the real estate business including strategic plan development, restructuring, asset management, project leasing and property management.

SV is an integrated, full-service real estate work-out, loan acquisition and property management firm with a superior team and a proven track record. The company is small enough to be responsive to a variety of real estate transactions, yet has the management and financial strength to tackle large and complex projects.